Producer, composer and sound designer from Turin focused on drone-ambient sounds and experimental electronic music with influences from IDM, soundtracks and crooked rhythms.

Released records with the solo project TOMAT on the Berlin label 7K! Records, with the SPIME.IM a/v project on the Zurich label OUS Records, with the TOMAT PETRELLA duo on the Berlin label !K7 Records, , with the NIAGARA band on the London label Monotreme Records.

Co-founder of SUPERBUDDA (Creative Collective), together with his partner Gup Alcaro, curates music and sound design for the artistic duo MASBEDO.

He workes on multimedia artistic installations like RETROAZIONE, ZERO A/V INSTALLATION, VENTO ZERO, UNIVERSO and produces music for theatre and contemporary dance like 19 LUGLIO 1985 , ROMPERE IL GHIACCIOUN TEATRO È UN TEATRO È UN TEATRO È UN TEATRO and FRANKEINSTAIN by OHT and LE BACCANTI by Andrea De Rosa.

He composes music for documentaries and films soundtracks, among which MONDOCANE by Alessandro Celli, presented at La Biennale di Venezia 2021 and winner of the “Best Italian Soundtrack” Fabrique Du Cinema Award, HYPERSONNIA by Alberto Mascia, presented at Torino Film Festiva 2022, IL MIGLIORE DEI MONDI by Maccio Capatonda, THE GREEN GOLD OF AFRICA by David Chierchini, Davide Morandini and Matteo Keffer, WELCOME PALERMO and DAILY ROUTINE by Masbedo, DRIVE ME HOME by Simone Catania and PASTRONE! by Lorenzo De Nicola.

2024: Stay tuned!