Directed by Marcello Macchia, Danilo Carlani , Alessio Dogana and starring Maccio Capatonda, Martina Gatti, Tomas Arana, Pietro Sermonti, Valerio Desirò, Luca Vecchi is out now on Prime Video.

Soundtrack scored by Federico Bisozzi and Davide Tomat.

A Lotus Production.



Italy, near future. The old prisons, dirty, congested, full of violence and abuse are just a memory. Now inmates serve their sentences in a state of deep sleep that renders them harmless and has drastically reduced the rate of criminal recidivism. Hypersleep is an efficient, inexpensive and reliable system. At least until the day when David Damiani (Stefano Accorsi), a psychologist in charge of monitoring the mental state of prisoners, is confronted by an inmate whose records have all been lost. An unprecedented setback that will trigger a chain of unpredictable events and force David himself to confront the ghosts of his own past.

Directed by Alberto Mascia, starring Stefano Accorsi, Caterina Shulha, Paolo Pierobon, Astrid Meloni , Francesco La Mantia, Alessandro Gazale, Andrea Germani, Francesco La Mantia, Tony Laudadio, Giordano De Plano, Mauro Marino and Sandra Ceccarelli has beenbe premiered at Torino Film Festival.

Soundtrack scored by Federico Bisozzi and Davide Tomat.

Violins & violas performed by Marco Benz Gentile.

An Ascent Film and Night Swim production, in collaboration with Prime Video and Rai Cinema.
Produced by Andrea Paris and Matteo Rovere for Ascent Film and by Stefano Sardo and Ines Vasiljević for Night Swim Production.

IPERSONNIA will be in the best cinemas from November the 29th.
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In a not distant future, Taranto is a ghost town surrounded by barbed wire that no one, not even the police, dares to enter. The poorest are left fighting for survival, while a criminal gang, the Ants, headed by the charismatic Testacalda (Alessandro Borghi), is competing for territory with another gang. Two thirteen-year-old orphans, who grew up together, dream of joining that gang. Pietro, known as Mondocane for having passed the acceptance test in the gang, forces Christian to the group who mock him by calling him Pisciasotto. But something breaks in their equilibrium putting everything they believe in at risk.

MONDOCANE, directed by Alessandro Celli and starring Alessandro Borghi, Dennis Protopapa, Giuliano Soprano, Barbara Ronchi, Ludovica Nasti, Federica Torchetti, Josafat Vagni, Francesco Simon, is a production by Groenlandia e Minerva Pictures with Rai Cinema.

The movie was presented at 78th Venice Film Festival and has been picked up by North America Kino Lorber distributor and will be premiered in New York at the Angelika Film Center on May 2022 .
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The soundtrack won the Fabrique du Cinema Awards 2021 as “best Italian soundtrack” in Italy.

Director: Alessandro Celli
Soundtrack: Federico Bisozzi, Davide Tomat
Producer: Groenlandia con RAI Cinema
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In Somalia, most men chew the Khat leaf, a natural amphetamine. But in Britain, there is one man 90,000 chewers despise – a Somali activist who brought the UK banning of the leaf on his own. This doc charts the billion dollar global Khat industry, travelling to the heartlands of its production, the markets where hundreds of tons are sold daily and back to the campaign on the streets of London.
Directors: Davide Morandini, David Chierchini, Matteo Keffer
Soundtrack: Federico Bisozzi , Davide Tomat
Producer: Les Films Grain de Sable , Journeyman Picture
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In 2018 artistic duo Masbedo produced Videomobile for Manifesta 12, Palermo. They transformed an old van into “video wagon”, a mobile laboratory. This curious vehicle, equipped with a stage for performances and interviews, became a multi-channel interactive installation at the biennial. Welcome Palermo, dedicated to the relationship between that city and the cinema, covers the project’s evolution. Interviews with known and unknown personalities and archival material alternate with performances by writers, DJs and Palermo citizens who recite questions on sexuality asked by Pier Paolo Pasolini in his film Comizi d’amore.
Directors: Masbedo
Soundtrack: Davide Tomat, Gup Alcaro
Producer: In Between Art Film
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The finding of an autobiographical manuscript written by Giovanni Pastrone,
the most relevant figure of Italian Silent film,
prompts a researcher to reopen the historically closed case on the director.
Director: Lorenzo De Nicola
Voiceoff: Fabrizio Bentivoglio
Editor : Davide Neglia
Music: Davide Tomat , Federico Bisozzi
Production: Lab 80 Film
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Antonio and Agostino grew up together in a small town in Sicily, where they dreamt of living a different life, somewhere, anywhere, else. Now 30-year-olds, they both live abroad but lost touch with each other years ago. When Antonio discovers that the house he grew up in, which has been empty for a long time, is about to be sold at auction, he decides to leave and reconnect with his childhood friend. But their lives have changed a lot. Old conflicts and new revelations bring them through Europe on a truck journey that will change their lives forever…
Director: Simone Catania.
With Marco D’Amore and Vinicio Marchioni.
Music: AIR KANADA ( Giorgio Giampà / Davide Tomat / Gabriele Ottino / Maurizio Borgna ) and NIAGARA.
Production: Indyca , Inthelfilm , RaiCinema.
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